Friday, February 14, 2014


We have a large field across the street from us which makes for lovely views throughout the year.  The farmer who owns it has planted corn, green beans, chili peppers, alfalfa, and hay.  Last year he planted hay and had several cuttings.

So last week Rachel informed me that there were cattle out there, munching on the remaining stubble.  Upon closer inspection - and hearing them - we determined that they were sheep!!  It has made for interesting watching, and hearing them all bleat when we are outside has been fun.

This is Rachel's dog, Willie.  He is a border collie so we don't dare let him loose unsupervised while the sheep are this close!  His herding instincts would kick in for sure!  There is an electric fence around the sheep, but Willie has been known to get through those.................!!!  Doesn't he look like he would just love to go have a fun morning around 400 sheep?

If you've ever see the movie "Babe" you will understand when I say that we all have this urge to call out:

Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true! Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe!

That's an update from our neck of the woods!  Hope you are having a great week!
(photo courtesy of the movie "Babe" - don't you just love Farmer Hoggett?)


  1. Gotta love "Babe" ;]. I had a border collie once, and one day we were playing tag with her and some friends, and before we realized what she was doing, she had herded us all into the old corrals!

  2. What an interesting place you live in! Oh, and I love the 3rd grade picture! Courtney looks a lot like her mom!