Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Came in the Mail Today!

Joe started the morning off by telling me that he was expecting something from FedEx.  I was to be watching for his "vitamins" that he had ordered because they needed to be out of the sun.  Okay......but hmmmm, I usually order his supplements, but hey, maybe he went ahead and took care of this particular order.

My goodness!  This does not look like the typical box of vitamin supplements that comes to our house!  Here is what the other side of the box said:

I called Joe and he told me to open it on the spot!  Oh my.........what delectable goods were inside!

Joe and I sampled them once he got home and they were scrumptious.  What a wonderful present from my dear husband, whose birthday happens to be tomorrow!  He's always been my special valentine!

There's just one problem with all this sweetness.................I gave up sugar for Lent this year!  What's a girl to do!

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  1. The sweet thought is worth so much more than the berries themselves!! Happy Valentine's Day!