Friday, February 22, 2013

Trampoline Ice and Ovens!

You saw the "snow" that we got here in southern Arizona the other day and it was a real treat........especially since it was the kind that you don't have to shovel, drive in, or bundle up for.  The next morning, our trampoline was covered in ice.  Since the ice on the roofs and cars was melting at an alarming rate with the sun coming up, Joe took Isaac and Joshua outside for an icy experience before breakfast.  They had so much fun.  And yes, once the sun hit the back yard, it all melted!

Our oven stopped working the other day and once we got a replacement igniter it was time to put it in.  Isaac, especially, is so interested in everything Joe does, and has his tool set right by his side.  Joshua.......not so much.  He just wanted to go play.  But they both learned the difference between a flat scredriver and a Phillips.  They also got to use the ratchet and see how the socket worked with it.  Little boys wanting to be just like Dad and help out - so precious!

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