Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Ramblings

Well, Courtney is back in the throws of a new semester and we miss her so much after having her here for an entire month! She celebrated her 22nd birthday on the 15th - the first one not here with the family. I'm back from my week of rest and relaxation with my parents in Florida and back into daily life......that can be so daily!

Isaac and Joshua continue to provide laughter and hilarity on a daily basis!  They play so well together and can play for hours with all of their cars, trucks, and machines.  Isaac is currently into cement trucks, which he calls "ment trucks", and is always on the look for them when we are out and about.......I never knew how many sightings of cement trucks I had been missing!

Now, speaking of Joshua, this is what that young man did the other day when left unsupervised for a very short time - he used his toddler scissors on his hair.  It looked much worse before I gave him a haircut.

Joe and David headed out to the farm yesterday to get some chores done.  They spent the day there working on a pipe that had burst by the well and doing some tractor repairs.

Rachel got motivated to clean out the truck.  She decided not to wash it since there was rain on the way!

Yes, those are clouds!  We so rarely have a cloudy day since about 355 days a year look like this........

Yes!  We woke up to rain this morning and we had several heavy downpours.  This is exciting news to document when you live in Arizona!

Willie and Buffy weren't too happy this morning when they went outside, but managed to stay dry under the porch.

The backyard had standing water - the ground is so hard there is no place for it to go!  That's why we were in all sorts of "flash flood warnings"!  Even though we have been in Arizona for eight years, we mid-westerners still find some of the dramatics in weather here quite funny!  But the sun is back out now and the clouds are moving to the east.  It was enjoyable while it lasted........................!

Stay tuned.........we have several "gotcha-days" coming up, as well as several birthdays, and a special trip for Miss Rachel!

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