Monday, December 10, 2012

December Fun

Well, we are settling in for the month of December and enjoying having Courtney home.  She has been catching up on her sleep and letting her brain rest.  We are feeding her good food and enjoying her company immensely.

Isaac and Joshua are so excited to have big sis home and have enjoyed some good snuggles with her!

So glad to have my special girls back together again!

David has enjoyed having his sister analyze his writing skills for essays in school.  She has given free advice about the "no mercy" attitude at the university regarding classwork.  We are trying to give David a heads up on what is coming his way once he enters his high school years.

A happy papa to have his special daughter back!

Joshua..........age 4 1/ very cute!

Isaac........age 5 1/2...........quite the perky boy in our family!


  1. If Arizona wasn't so far away I'd be tempted to sneak over and swipe those jammies...or are they shirts? They are adorable.

    1. Hey there, Holly! Thanks for stopping by.....yes, those are jammies and I got them at either Walmart or Target last year. But they are cute, aren't they? Dinner was running late, they had already been bathed, and were ready for bed!

  2. Enjoy your time together. How is Jonathan doing? I think of you all often amid pray all ia well. Merry Christmas!