Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Cold Day at the Farm!

Yesterday we all went to Willcox for the day.  But of course, we had to stop at our all-time favorite Mexican restaurant along the way.  Delicious and authentic Mexican food!  Courtney says there are not any good Mexican restaurants in Huntsville, so we were happy to feed her full!

Lucky Joshua!  All this attention from both sisters.......I guess this makes up for his distress at being small the other day!

This dad is so glad to have his firstborn home!

Then, we went off to the local meat-packing plant to pick up our Christmas ham.  David and the boys were very entranced with the pigs waiting for  This also brought up a family discussion about "pig's ear sandwiches"...........don't even ask.  It's an Alabama thing.

We did our necessary chores at the farm and then ended the day with a bonfire.  It was really cold but "most" of us thought ahead and bundled up.  You can guess from the pictures who thought ahead!

Hot dogs and s'mores.........a bonfire tradition!

Cold Sisters!

Well, as usual, I am not in any of the pictures since I am the photographer!  We got home late and my little cough has turned worse.  I am trying to get healthy for Christmas Day!

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  1. Anne! Thank you for commenting on my blog and reconnecting! Yes, contact me anytime. I have a family a step ahead of me that I do the same thing with. We think a few of Ty's stitches came out :( Boo! We will see how it goes.