Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Working With Dad !

With all four of our boys, Jonathan down to Joshua, Joe has deliberately taught them 
skills at a young age and had them work alongside him.

Isaac and Joshua, at "almost ten" and "almost nine" are the perfect age for this.
They love hanging out with their dad, and they know he will always 
take them out to eat when the work is done!

One of our rentals in town needed some painting, and prep work done to make
room for a remodeled kitchen.
Boys to the rescue!
First up - haul out the old boards to the dumpster.
(Rather blurry, but these boys were moving!)

Including the old kitchen sink!

Taping before painting........

Now comes the fun part!

Ah yes.....time for a great meal!

And another benefit of the boys and Joe working together?
I got to go do errands and have the day to myself - definitely needed!

We watched the movie, "COURAGEOUS", again the other night and I was once again
reminded how grateful I am that Joe has, and continues to be, a wonderful father.
He is so committed to spending time with the boys, and teaching
them God's Word!

We are all very blessed!

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