Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alabama Getaway!

I had the most wonderful time visiting Courtney in Huntsville!
I was really in need of a getaway, so celebrating her January birthday seemed to
 be the perfect time!
We had a blast, and the weather could not have been more perfect!

What a sight for this mom's sore eyes!

And if anyone asked us what we did.........
The answer is absolutely nothing!  Well, we did go out to eat, and shop, but
we mostly lazed around, talked, and relaxed!
It was a much needed break for both of us I think!

The day I arrived was the cloudiest day we had!
Unseasonably warm temperatures, no rain, no tornadoes.......

Courtney did take me onto the Redstone Arsenal so I could see where she works, but
no pictures allowed.  I got to meet many of her co-workers who spoke so
 highly of her work ethic and contribution to the team.
Makes a mom proud for sure!!

We did some birthday shopping which was fun, and saw the fabulous
movie, "Hidden Figures", which we both recommend.
Joe took the boys to see it on MLK Day as part of their homeschool after we spoke so
highly of it.

 We really did have intentions of eating at home, but somehow it just didn't work out.
We were having way too much fun to cook.............

This was the most beautiful tree!  It had holly leaves and berries on it.
Just had to get a picture.

Jonathan drove up from Ft. Rucker one evening and it was so great to see him again!
We all talked until way too late in the early morning, so we got a very late start the next day.
We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Humphrey's, where we had all enjoyed a meal back in
April/May when we were there for Courtney's graduation.
It was just as good, and Winslow Davis continues to be amazing on the violin.
And we ate outside - in January!!

We then drove to the Green Mountain Nature Trail and and walked around the lake.
It was a lovely location to take some pictures!

I love this picture of Jonathan.  It looks as if he is evaluating a
real estate purchase!

Tiny little chapel off the path.....

Love these two "first-borns" so much!

The Birthday Girl on her special day!
And we are eating OUTSIDE again - in January!

This was probably the best pizza I have ever had - no tomato sauce!
We had tons of leftovers for the next day.

Isaac and Joshua had purchased gifts with their own money and wanted the opening

One of her birthday gifts was a lovely canvas to hang above her headboard.

As my visit drew to a close, reality began to set in.
Meal prepping needed to be done for the week, groceries had to be bought, and 
laundry done.
Back to the real world.

Thank you, dearest Courtney, for making my visit so wonderful!!!!!
Let's do it again next year!!

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