Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shopping With Rachel and Elenna!

Yesterday, Rachel was ready to get out and get some shopping done.......with her new daughter!  
She is not allowed to drive or lift much of anything yet, and with David at work, it was
 Grandma to the rescue......... with Uncle Isaac and Uncle Joshua, of course!

Miss Elenna was properly decked out with her hair bow for her first shopping trip!

We went to Target and Walmart before Rachel ran out of energy,   It was quite a circus 
with me loading everything (including the baby) into the car and dropping Rachel 
off and picking her up at the curb.  

But we got the errands done and Elenna slept the entire time.

Isn't she just precious?

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  1. It's always so amazing how tiny they are! I'm so glad to see that Rachel is up and around and everyone seems to be doing well. :)