Saturday, July 11, 2015

When They Come Back Home - Jonathan!

Having adult children brings a whole new dimension to parenting!  
You get used to them being gone (sort of......) and then they come back for a visit!  
It's always good to see them, but we are sad when they have to return to their adult lives.

I still can't believe theses three little children that used to run around our
 home are now full-fledged adults on their own.  
But God is faithful, and they are all doing well!

Jonathan came back in early June for a shockingly-surprise visit!  We had planned for all
of us to go to the local Chinese Buffet, and spend that time as a family remembering Grandma and sharing memories of her. We even planned to get Courtney on the phone so she could be a part of it. Joe was in on the whole thing, but as we were preparing to go through the walks Jonathan!  What a delightful surprise!

Yes, this boy LOVES his Chinese food.......plates and plates of it!  
Of course, this plate doesn't look very Chinese-y, but he loves the whole buffet.

My dad really likes Chinese food also!

And then it was time for the "family photos".  
Boy, it's hard to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

And then some nice patron took pity on us and took a group picture!
Oh Joshua......what is your problem???????  This would have been frame-worthy!

Can't believe my curly-headed-little-snuggly-boy is this full grown young man.

Thanks for making the effort to come for a visit, Jonathan!  It was great to see you!

Next up?  Courtney's Fourth of July visit!


  1. Great post my dear wife ... But then, I'm biased! Your admiring husband, SMBFL

  2. Good pictures and looks like you had a wonderful time!