Monday, May 18, 2015

Rachel's an LPN!!

Last Thursday night, we all trekked to Douglas to see the 50th annual nursing graduation
 for the LPN and the RN's  for Cochise College.  It was unseasonably 
cool and VERY windy!  

But what a lovely and motivating ceremony for all the these students.

We got there plenty early to get a seat up front.

The LPN students were all lined up at the back, and boy were they chilly!

Then, they began the processional up through the middle of the crowd!

Way to go, Rachel!!!  We are all so proud of your hard work and tremendous effort!

Then the RN candidates line up.  
And yes, there were some young (and older) men in both groups!

The ceremony had slide shows, music, speeches from faculty,etc. 
 Very lovely and motivating!

Joe was able to catch this picture of Rachel after she went across the stage to 
get her pin, and to be congratulated by all of the staff!

Food was provided in one of the buildings.  It was so nice to get out of the wind!

We are all so proud of her!

We had a great time of fellowship before we all headed home different ways!

One more year to go, Rachel, and you will be up there getting your 
nurse's cap pinned on!
You can do it!


  1. What an exciting time! Congratulations.

  2. Dear Rachel has the compassionate heart of a caring nurse. I can see God reflected in her bedside manner (something her Dad lacks)!

  3. Congrats to Rachel! We're all very proud of your girl!