Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Hilarious Adventure With David!

David has been interested in ALL things military since he was a wee boy.  Yes, this is him posing for his very first school picture in Kindergarten.  Pretty cute little boy!!

This interest has continued through the years.  He and some of his good church buddies play Axis and Allies on a fairly regular basis - and I'm talking ten to twelve hour sessions!  It's all about military strategy and taking over the world.

Here are a few of them at our house in January!

So what does this avid interest/obsession in all things military have to do with today?  Well, David had all four wisdom teeth removed and that requires anesthesia..........oh boy, oh boy.

This is the same wonderful oral surgeon's office that took care of Courtney, Rachel, and Jonathan when they had their wisdom teeth removed.  Everything went without a hitch with the older three, with some rather hilarious memories of the "coming-out-of-anesthesia" episode.  So we expected
nothing different with David.

Isaac and Joshua and I waited in the waiting room until Dr. Q came and told us that all had gone just fine and that he was in recovery.  The nurse would come get me in about ten minutes.

I was expecting moaning (like Rachel), loopiness (like Courtney), or accusations of a broken jaw (like Jonathan).  But David was convinced he was in the middle of the greatest military battle EVER!!!!!

The nurse was a Chinese spy.
He wanted reinforcements, especially a Black Hawk helicopter.
The Chinese were coming.
The Russians were coming.
We had to get out of there fast.
He wanted a medic.
Had he gotten shot?

And on and on it went.  I was laughing so hard! Isaac, who does not like ANY change of ANY kind, was especially distressed over this.  He just covered his ears while sitting in the chair.  There was no rationalizing with David at all, so I just joined in the military plan to escape.

Finally, he was "rational" enough to let him leave.  Round Two began...........

Where are we going?  To Headquarters?
I'm Lieutenant Anderson with the RAF.
Have I been shot?
Where will we meet up with the Army Rangers?
Where is the overhead air support?
What is your rank?  I told him I was a four-star general and got "yes sir'd" and saluted the entire way home!

We stopped at a traffic light and he said, "Oh my gosh.  We are in Russia.  You traitor!  You turncoat!"  I told him there were no cactus in Russia.
Have I been shot?
The Chinese are gaining on us - we need to hurry.

Hilarity to the highest degree for sure!  He finally fell asleep about halfway home, and then when we woke up he was groggy, but back to his normal self.

What an entertaining day!  Thanks for the great day, David!!  And yes, you will do fine in the Army!

It's truly in your blood.


  1. That is a hoot!!! I always have my video camera ready on my phone so I can video the boys coming out of anesthesia. But this classic!!! Lots of milkshakes! :)