Friday, December 13, 2013

Daily Life...........At Our House!

Isaac is almost two weeks post-surgery and he is doing wonderfully!  After a few days of pain and swelling, he was pretty much back to his perky little self!  He still has glue across the stitches area and the doctor said that the lip would be "tight" for a bit.  But it's amazing that all the bumpy scar tissue from the original surgery is completely gone!

Isaac is always in's a good thing we are homeschooling, because this is how he does most of his work.  Not so sure this would be good classroom posture, even for a kindergartner!

Here's Joshua......always sitting nice and straight, with his legs on the floor!

David was out chopping wood for our wood stove and decided to give Isaac a few lessons!

Speaking of David, we attended the high school's winter orchestra concert last night.  It was quite good and David looked very dashing in his suit and bow tie!  Rachel came to the concert right after she got off work at the hospital.......doesn't she look sweet in her scrubs?

David likes to have fun with the little boys.  Here he is modeling his Cubbies vest - from many years ago.  Isaac and Joshua were in hysterics!

For my parents in Florida..................we are still enjoying the Christmas train that you gave us all those years ago!  Isaac and Joshua are enthralled with it and I hear "All aboard!" throughout the day!

The kittens are doing well and are still very friendly.  Hopefully they will keep the mouse population at a minimum this winter!

Well, excitement is running high at our house, because tomorrow morning Courtney is flying in for Christmas!  Can't wait to see her and have some special family time!!


  1. My family has been campaigning to have ME (okay, mostly my kids!) in Minnesota for Christmas. It isn't going to happen because we don't feel capable of dealing with all the unknowns if Emily would have an episode(need sedation, two hours to the nearest children's hospital, etc.)over the Christmas holiday. We took that gamble last year and lost.
    So I am especially excited when I hear about families that will be reunited for the holiday! Woohoo! I hope you all have a wonderful time even though you will still be missing Jonathon. Hopefully you'll be able to include him through at least a phone call if not something like skype.

  2. Isaac looks great! I am so glad he is doing so well. And David ... He looks so handsome except in his cubbies vest. Enjoy your time with your family! It'll fly by. I'm guessing Jonathan won't make it home. Tell your family hello.