Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random Happenings..............

Last week, Isaac and I had a visit to our dentist.  Rather than drag Joshua along (who was cavity free, by the way), I checked with Miss Amanda to see if she would be willing to watch him.  The boys still talk about when Miss Amanda stayed with us for a few days, and always ask when she can come visit again!  Anyway, Isaac was none too pleased to have been left out of this fun by going to the dentist, but he handled it well. Looks like big sister, Ashley even got in on the fun!

Some serious work seems to be going on around this tree. Love the Home Depot apron!

Boy, look at that smile!  Having lunch on the steps with Miss Ashley!

Thanks, girls, for making Joshua feel so special!  So, here is Isaac at the dentist office looking cheery!

David's been doing a lot of brush-hogging (mowing) lately, and is really improving on his driving skills!

Flags flying high as the boys and I were in the parking lot of the high school waiting for David one afternoon.

The kittens are doing well and are growing nicely.  Snowball, the white one, like to be in the food bowl, which makes it rather tricky for the other two.

A special present came in the mail from big sister Courtney!  We just started reading Pinnochio and the illustrations are magnificent!

Well, those are some random happenings at our house this past week.    I'll end with this shot of the beautiful harvest moon as it came up over the mountains.  

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