Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrating David's 25th Birthday!

Back in May, David's family came to our house to celebrate his 25th birthday!
 Rachel had wanted to surprise David, so she kept him blindfolded as she drove
(except when she went through the Border Patrol Checkpoint - that could have been a problem!)

Anyway, we all yelled surprise and had a great time celebrating his birthday!

Rachel, and David's younger sister, Liz.  They are wearing matching shirts!

Rosela and me - the Grandmothers-To-Be!!

 Oh yes, we had to get David a "new Dad" shirt!  Couldn't resist.

And an automotive repair manual for their car!

Many people enjoy doing target practice when they come out to our place.  Wide open spaces.

Isaac has been practicing throwing the clay pigeons - he's got quite a stance!

A group shot, except for Joe, the photographer!  Baby Elenna will be surrounded with lots of love!


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  1. Great memories of family times together preserved by my wife Anne. Happy BD David! The Krause Patriarch