Monday, September 29, 2014

Last of the Wedding Pictures!

This is the last of the wedding pictures, courtesy of Joe's phone,  He was taking photos along with the photographer and I think they turned out really good,

Rachel's blog has a good share of photos, so feel free to hop over there to look at those!  

David and Joe

David and his dad -

..........and his mom

These boys were beyond excited!!!

Walking out to the country lane for the bridesmaid photos!

Courtney, the maid of honor, Rachel, Liz, David's sister, and Cassie

The Krause Family......minus Jonathan (who was with us through SKYPE!)

Hmmmm, must be looking at something interesting!

I have NO idea what has possessed these boys.....I wish someone had pointed this out before the pictures were taken........not good.

A great one of Rachel and David!

 A proud mom, getting to hold the bouquet while dress adjustments were being made!

So between the photographer, Joe, and all the other people that took pictures.......I'd say we all have a lovely record of the day.  It was so beautiful and the weather couldn't have been better!


  1. May the Lord bless you for your diligence in recording this wonderful wedding.

  2. The little boys look absolutely adorable in their suits and I love how the bridal attendant dresses are similar in color but are each a different style to suit each woman.