Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are We Back to Normal?

After all the hub-bub of the wedding in August, I was really anxious to get back into a routine for my sanity as well as the boys.  My van had a major transmission episode within the hour after dropping Courtney off at the airport........and I still don't have it back.  I'm not really an "on-the-go" kind of person, but not having a vehicle most days has forced me to hunker down here at home.

So what has normal been for us lately?

Eating lots of corn on the cob from our local U-Pick-It.  It's the best
 sweet corn I have ever had!

We had an impromptu lunch at Costco with Rachel and David one Sunday!

Boys being creative during the day after school is done.

Enjoying the sunshine!

We had a nice visit from Rachel the other day after she had finished a test.  It was
so great to have her back home for a bit! Willie was so glad to see her!

She brought some extra medical supplies for the boys to play with.  Here's 
Dr. Joshua Krause all ready for surgery!

Ahhhh.........sweet father and "married" daughter once again!

David's enjoying football again this year........he's in there somewhere!

Jonathan continues to enjoy his short stay in Poland........working on his biceps in his spare time!
(What are you under?)

Update.....................Jonathan says this is a Polish SU 22 fighter.

And Courtney, looking as beautiful as ever, is busy with school and her internship.  Have to brag here as her mom.......she got an award for the "Intern of the Quarter"!  That's my girl!!

And to add more chaos to our attempt to get back to normal?  Well, we are getting the brunt of
Hurricane Odile, that slammed into Mexico.  It's coming straight up through Arizona, and some maps
are showing us getting six to ten inches over the next several days?  Really?  How are we supposed to deal with this?  Could be interesting...............................

So are we back to normal?  I guess so..........

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