Friday, August 8, 2014

Wedding Shoes!

Apparently it is popular to have someone make the bride "wedding shoes" to be worn during the reception - I guess the bride wants to take off those uncomfortable heels and wear something more comfortable, like flip-flops! David's cousin, Nora, made Rachel these very cute wedding shoes!

Pretty cute!  Rachel is at a women's retreat this weekend ministering as a worship leader.  Courtney flies in on Monday and then..........whoa!!!!  Things start happening at a rapid-fire pace!  Only five more days until the wedding! 


  1. Those are cute! :) My cousin just wore her white tenners with "laces" for the whole shebang. She didn't want any part of uncomfortable shoes during that day.

  2. Congratulations Rachel!! WOW I have really been in a hole!! I have not been on blogs in almost a yr and I can't believe the changes in all your family. Courtney and Rachel are STUNNING! And Rachel getting married? David in Germany? My husband was stationed at Ansbach as an MP back in the...well stone age. LOL!! David is growing into such a handsome young man! And Isaac and cute!! Anne you are truly blessed!

    1. Hi Sandy - yes, you blink and they have grown up and moved on! Amazing, isn't it? Hope your family is doing well!