Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lunch With the Newlyweds!

In an effort to give the newlyweds their space, we have left them alone.  New marriage, new job, new school......all of that adds up to a lot of stress and busyness.  So, when we were "summoned", we jumped!

I had a good-sized collection of "Rachel items" that I had been collecting so this was a good
 opportunity to give them to her.  Jonathan had given her this park bench about six years ago, so 
we brought  it for their front porch!

Their apartment was very cute and homey, and we enjoyed looking at all their more recent wedding gifts.

Aren't they cute?  They are off to a really great start, and we really enjoyed our visit with them.  
And Amanda D, notice the purse?  Rachel absolutely LOVES it!

So, off we went to the local Chinese buffet, which was Rachel's request.

What do two rambunctious boys do while Dad is still inside paying the bill?  Why, climb 
on the  lion statues, of course!!

All in all, it was a great afternoon - it was good to visit with the Camarenas!

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  1. We love Rachel's newlywed glow! They are such a charming couple! We love the pictures of the little boys ( and David too). Thank you so much for putting the purse picture on. Jonathan looks awesome in his uniform. The entire Doughty Family thanks him for his service to our country!
    Amanda and Ashley D.