Monday, August 25, 2014


See, Ashley and Amanda?  I told you I was going to do a blog post on "grass"!  When you live in
 an area of the country that gets approximately eleven inches of rain per year, we get excited
 during  the  monsoon season when the grass starts to grow!

Over the years, we have had a native grass spread all around the property, which has been 
delightful!!  It seems to be choking out the pigweed which is a very good thing!  We did a lot 
of mowing this weekend because we have an 80% chance of rain Monday night into Tuesday.
That's almost unheard of for us!

I know this seems like a pretty boring post, but I have to show Courtney and Jonathan, and
 remind  myself of all the green once monsoons are over.

I have to say that I am ready to be done with rain - the higher humidity, grass that grows, bugs, 
and the ever-present mud is taking its toll on me!  We have had over eight inches of rain so far, 
and I am more than ready for the dry air and abundant sunshine to return!!  Mowing and
 trimming is definitely over-rated!

This afternoon's cloud buildup!

And, just because..................Isaac and Joshua wanted to wear their Army shirts to show Jonathan today!


  1. I like those little "best buddies." They remind me of the ones that wrestle constantly at my house.
    I'm glad that I know you well enough to know what to expect about a post on "Grass".
    Are you feeling outnumbered in that house full of boys?

    1. Oh Holly, you are a funny one. What do you think we have resorted to - growing medical marijuana??????? Ha Ha! Actually someone did suggest that to us as a money making effort. We decided to pass....................

  2. I'll have to check back in and see if you got your rain.