Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Showers of Blessings - Part 2

After Saturday's lovely wedding shower, Rachel and David were blessed by another shower by Cornerstone Bible Church, the church our family has attended for at least eight years now!  The shower, and fellowship meal, followed the church service, and it was a lovely time for all!

Once again, everyone was so generous and blessed Rachel and David with many nice things!

Pastor Addleman and his wife, Angela, interviewed the couple before opening gifts and asked them many questions about their relationship, how they met, parameters they set, goals for their future, etc.  Rachel and David handled it all very well!

Mrs. Caballero put together a cookbook with delicious recipes from the ladies of the church!

And David was so thrilled that the Hathaway family blessed him with tools that he wanted!

Mrs. Ormand and two did a fabulous job of cutting and serving the cake!

Thank you so much Cornerstone for making this such a special afternoon for the "almost-newlyweds"!  And Pastor Addleman and Angela, your advice and input into their young lives has been invaluable!  Thank you!

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