Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Showers of Blessings - Part 1

This was wedding shower weekend for Rachel!  On Saturday, we attended a very lovely shower put on by Calvary Chapel - this is the small church that Rachel attends on Sunday mornings to participate on the worship team.  All of the ladies were delightful and she received so many wonderful gifts! We all met at a restaurant and had a delicious brunch as part of the shower.  Enjoy the pictures!

This is David's mom, Rosella, by the other gift table.............

.......... and his sister, Liz!

One of the ladies had a jar, filled with wooden spoons.  Everyone was given one and we were to write "advice for the bride" on it as we enjoyed our brunch. Rachel read them all out loud when everyone was done.  Good advice and lots of laughs!

It was so fun to enjoy this special time with my daughter.......can hardly believe my little girl is getting married!

There were so many gifts to open and Rachel was so excited to receive all these lovely things to start out married life with!  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed the beautiful cake!

What a large pile of gifts!  Everyone was so helpful and carried out gifts to the parking lot and helped Rachel load them up!

It was a wonderful time  - thank you so much ladies of CCOS!

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  1. Awww! So sweet. We wish we could be there! Mrs. Krause, Amanda loves your shirt.
    The Doughty girls.