Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rachel and David's New Digs!

Wow.....with the wedding a mere three weeks away, it is time to start relocating some of Rachel's things. My parents moved to Tucson recently, and with their downsizing they were not able to use all of their furniture. They were hoping that the grandchildren would be blessed by some of it........and they are! We used Joe's truck to get the bedroom set all set up in the new apartment!  Exciting times!!!

We all piled in and enjoyed the drive to their apartment.  They will be living about an hour and a half away, so this was a good opportunity to load winter clothes, shower gifts, and other items that need to get moved!

Does this girl look excited or what? !!!!!

Going up the stairs with large pieces of furniture was challenging.......and there was
 Isaac, always ready to help!

The finished product!  It looked so lovely with the new comforter that someone gave them at
 one of the showers!

The apartment complex was very nicely landscaped.

The best thing about this apartment complex is that it is close to the nursing college for Rachel, and about the same distance to David's new job!  You guys will do great here!!

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