Friday, July 25, 2014

Can't Forget My First Born!!

Rachel has been on the blog quite a bit lately because..................well, she's getting married for goodness sakes!!!  That entails all sorts of exciting things that need to be remembered for posterity.

And Jonathan has appeared - because, my goodness, he is across the world in Germany serving in the US Army!  He told me he had upcoming trips to Rome, and possibly Dublin.  Very exciting times for him!

David just finished up a month of summer camp, so there will be all sorts of photos to share of him and his adventures in the coming weeks!

The little boys are on my blog, most of the time, because they are so cute and do such fun things.  Isaac informed me the other day when we were moving some of Rachel's things, that when he was older he wanted to live at The Forum - and on the fourth floor!!  That is the retirement community where my parents live!

So there's my first born, Courtney, who I think was feeling a teensy-weensy bit overlooked in the blog world!! So here's to you, my precious girl - your very own blog entry!!


Courtney is working very hard this summer, both as a summer RA in one of the dorms and also with her internship.  But it is a more relaxed schedule without all the stress and busyness of classes added on top of all that.  Several weeks ago, she and her boyfriend, Mark, went on a road trip to Pennsylvania for a family reunion for his family.

They drove right through North Carolina, and made prior arrangements to see Joe's mom, Janet, who lives not too far away from where they were passing through.  So what a wonderful time for Courtney and her grandma to have a meal together and just love on each other - it had been too long since they had seen each other!

She also planted a garden this year. This is the girl who rarely came outside to do the "work"  of the garden -   The weeding, watering, etc.  She much preferred to stay inside and oversee the canning of the veggies.

She's always been a choc-a-holic like the rest of us......but I do think I need to have a mother-daughter talk with her when she comes in August.........

She's had quite a few adventures and made many great friends.

She has her own car now, so she gads about all over the place!

**sigh**.......she's all grown up, and we miss her shining face around our house.

And in my mind, she will always be about ten years old.  Can't wait to see you my darling daughter!!


  1. Say hello to Courtney for me! She has grown up so quickly. Kids have a way of doing that when we don't expect it.

  2. They all grow up so quickly, don't they? I still remember my oldest (12) being a baby in my arms, like it was yesterday. Sigh, it all goes too quickly...